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Jalshaghar Video Recording and Video Editing:

Jalshaghar Entertainment provides Video Recording and Video Editing at both indoor and outdoor settings.

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Video recording Cost: $450.00 for 4 (Four) hours basic . (Each additional hour $50.00) *

We can also video record your event with a set-up of;
  • One Camera ($450.00) *
  • Two Camera ($750.00) *
  • Three Camera ($1,200.00) *
In addition to providing CDs and/or Audio Cassettes after the event, we can also provide DVD copies after the event for you to sell at your price. The price to you per media is:
  • Audio Cassettes are $2.50 each (Includes Audio Cassette, Plastic Case, Color label on the Cassette)
  • CD's are $3.75 each (Includes CD, Plastic CD Case, Color label on the CD, and a Color Insert in the front of the CD case)
  • DVD's are $5.50 each (includes DVD, Plastic DVD Case, Color label on the CD, and Color Insert Card in the front of the DVD case)
(No Post-Video Editing is included in these packages. Only LIVE recordings of the event. Post-Video Editing of Trimming, adding an Open, Closing Credits, Titles, Transitions, & Special Effects can be added for an additional cost).

* Price is subject to change without prior notice.

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