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Studio Vocal Recording

  • Digital Live Vocal Track Recording (Up to 32 Bit)
  • Digital Editing of Vocal Tracks (Up to 32 Bit)

In this high-tech digital era of music, we have achieved knowledge and expertise to create vocal and music tracks in up to 32 bit digital format. Even though we are recording both in digital and analog format we are looking forward to upgrade to digital up to 64 bit and to remain exclusively 64 bit digital. Such upgrade to 64 bit digital recording will ensure unprecedented clarity of our vocal and instrumental recording. It will also guarantee high fidelity to vocalists vocals and to musical instruments real sound. We perform live music recording in our computerized recording studio. Music and vocal tracks recorded in our recording studio match the industry standard recordings in the USA and the world. Moreover, we offer our music recording service at an unprecedented inexpensive price.

We perform vocal recording both in digital format (up to 32 Bit) and in traditional analog format in our recording studio. Jalshaghar Recording Studio is equipped with most advanced audio hardware, both digital and analog, connected to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) built with industry standard computer hardware. Jalshaghar Recording Studio Digital workstations utilize advanced audio recording and editing software. Our audio hardware and software has overcome any limitation traditional analog audio hardware usually encounter. All of the hardware and software are capable of recording sound frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20 KHz and capable of reproducing sound with a very high degree of fidelity. All of the hardware and software used in our studio are well-synchronized and offer virtually no latency. Our recorded vocal and song tracks are crystal clear and virtually free from any noise. All song and vocal tracks we create are stereophonic. Occasionally we create surround sound tracks depending on users need.

Several factors play major role in recording superb vocal recording in Jalshaghar Recording Studio:
  • Virtual noise-free recording
  • Digital processing up to 32 bit ensures natural sound
  • Sound-proof recording booth environment
  • Use of high-efficiency studio recording microphone
  • Use of high-performance studio recording components
  • Virtual no latency hardware and software
  • Careful equalization of audio channels
  • Careful track volume normalization
  • Highly selective use of reverberations and effects produced by digital effect processor
  • Use of electronic musical instruments (digital and analog)
  • Use of traditional acoustic musical instruments of both South-Asian and European origin
  • Use of hardware and software synthesizers and MIDI devices

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