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Live Stage Recording

  • Digital Stage Live Track Recording (Up to 32 Bit)
  • Digital Recording and Editing of Vocal Tracks (Up to 32 Bit)

While ordering any of the PA Sound System Equipment Packages, we can also arrange for your On-Site Stereo Recordings of your event. This service can be as an add-on to a PA Sound System Equipment Packages, or could be a live recording service to a PA sound system rented by other company. We record multiple channel simultaneously. An additional Recording Mixing Console is essential to operate alongside Front Of House Live Mixing Console (FOH). This fee covers rental of the additional mixing console and any additional equipment necessary as well as an sound recording operator to operate this equipment. Recorded event can be delivered in the form of Audio Cassette or CD. You can also order both Audio Cassette or CD Duplication Services from Jalshaghar Entertainment.

Please note that any On-Site Stereo Recordings of your event is delivered unedited. Edited sound requires additional cost.

Rental Cost: $450.00 for Minimum 3 (three) hours (Each additional hour $50.00)

Please rest assured that Jalshaghar Entertainment maintains superb on-stage recording quality comparable to that of Jalshaghar Recording Studio:

  • Up to 12 Channels of Audio - $450.00 *
  • Up to 20 Channels of Audio - $525.00 *
  • Up to 24 Channels of Audio - $675.00 *
  • Up to 32 Channels of Audio - $750.00 *
  • Up to 40 Channels of Audio - $925.00 *

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