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PA Sound System Rental:

We provide PA system service that is well-suited for Bangladeshi/Bengali and South-Asian cultural programs

............ Imagine that the last time you had a party or a cultural event you've arranged, you had everything you needed ; pleasant artists, great sounding musical instruments as well as well-experienced instrument players in a well-organized venue with a satisfactory number of guests/audiences. Yet the show did not get an applause for the performances which it should. Have you ever wondered why? ............

Most PA sound systems available in California are not designed to make quality sound for our kind of cultural events. The PA operator and his crews are not familiar with our cultural elements, which leads to a painfully loud and distorted sound, enough to ruin your show and your hearing.

Our Key Sound Service Packages:

The Basic Package of sound system service is good to cover 200 audiences. It is suitable for smaller indoor parties.

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