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Manosh Bardhan:

  Born on 13 April 1960, Manosh Kumar Bardhan got initiated into the world of music when he was a tiny tot. His mother Smt. Geetha Bardhan, a dedicated and highly accomplished educationist, is very well versed in vocals, dance, sitar and histrionics. She used to regularly conduct a variety of cultural shows, due to which the child was constantly in the company of gifted musicians. At the age of five his father presented him with a small pair of tabla and ever since, the tabla became his favourite instrument. His father had an obsession for electronics, which he pursued as a hobby. Manosh was fascinated by the maze of wires, valves and speakers, which eventually developed in him a keen ear for sound and resulted in his final diversification in career – Sound Engineering !

Manosh started his formal training in tabla at the age of eleven under Sri Sivdev Tiwari of Benaras Gharana. He did his four years’ course from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya in 1975. Thereafter, during his college days, his restless yearning to try his hand at other instruments saw him make brief forays into performing on the congos, drums, guitar, keyboards, etc., which he picked up on his own, inspired by musician friends. During this time he started singing ghazals and light songs and also developed a penchant for scoring music for light and semi-classical songs, ghazals, etc. After a long gap of more than fifteen years he returned to his first passion, tabla, and resumed his training in 1996 under Sri Debasish Dass, an accomplished tabla player and a pupil of the world-famous Guru Pandit Jnan Prakash Ghosh.

Manosh is a versatile musician who has performed in different capacities in innumerable shows and concerts all over India and also in Kuala Lumpur with exponents of Indian classical music, orchestra groups, dance dramas, folk music, modern songs, Ghazals, Bhajans, Bollywood music, Western classical, jazz and fusion groups. He is an accredited artiste of All India Radio, Pondicherry, has played in many TV shows. He is the founder of “Genesis Orchestra” —a group that stages shows on film songs & ghazals, and also initiated the formation of Raga-Jazz group called “ Jalshaghar ” with international artists.

Manosh is a composer in his own right and has scored music for many songs in modern / devotional / ghazals / semi-classical / world music categories. He has a CD of his own compositions of Bengalee ‘adhunik’ songs called Jiboner Jato Gaan. In 2001, he got into digital recording and produced an album on world music called Down to Earth, conceived and arranged by him which has been very well appreciated by a wide section of music lovers, both Indian and Western. He has many original compositions of Hindi, Bengali ,Tamil and Malayam songs.

He has also played in and arranged music for many albums like India and Her Future, based on Sri Aurobindo’s and The Mother’s writings, produced by Hindustan Musical Products Limited, Esho gahi gaan, a collection of Bengali songs for children written and composed by Shobha Mitra, the head of music department, Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry, Jopi tomar naam, a compilation of lyrics written by Sri Nirodbaran, Ragprodhan songs by Lakshmi Santra, to name some. He has made karaoke music for more than hundred different types of songs and rendered background music for plays and dance dramas. He has also composed background music for documentaries, signature music, jingles produced by DD and private TV channels.

After being in the industrial field for 21 years as an Engineer in Civil and Mining projects and later as an entrepreneur developing and manufacturing products in Rigid Polyurethane foam and Epoxy based coatings and linings , Manosh finally returned to his first passion, music and with the help of his friend set up a studio at Pondicherry in 2004 to pursue his heart’s innermost aspirations. Manosh’s easy adaptability and hearty disposition make him a very popular personality. While his admirers and well wishers sometimes get carried away in hailing his efforts, Manosh would like to term himself simply as an ardent lover of music driven by his passion and imagination, and would like to soar into flights of unbridled musical fantasies. As long as this gives pleasure and satisfaction to himself and to the listeners, he is happy and grateful to God for blessing him with a little talent. Belonging to the land of India which enriched with a bounty of ever-emerging, super-class musicians whom he salutes, Manosh humbly aspires to make just a tiny mark in the vast and beautiful world of Music.

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