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Diluar Chowdhury:

Born and raised in Sylhet, Bangladesh, Diluar Chowdhury has come from a respectable Muslim family got initiated into the world of music when he was a little boy. Diluar Chowdhury started his formal training in singing at the age of eleven under Ustad Ali Akbar Khan (Chief Music Director of Radio Bangladesh Sylhet). He obtained his Classical and Nazrul sangeet lessons from Ustad Phool Mohammad Khan. Diluar Chowdhury has graduated from Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts, BAFA in 1991. Late singer and famous song writer Abdul Ahad had been one of his teachers. He is an enlisted artist of Radio Bangladesh Sylhet and has been enlisted since 1995 as Modern and Nazrul Song artist. He has also played in many TV shows, mostly recently in ATNBangla Tarokader Taroka Contest in 2006.
He is a professional and accredited lyricist (song writer) and a song composer (melodist) of Radio Bangladesh Sylhet and TV enlisted in 1994. Since then he has played in and arranged music for many years. He learned Tabla, keyboards, Electronic drum etc., which he picked up on his own, inspired by musician friends even though electronic keyboard has essentially become his favorite instrument. During this time he started singing Bengali classical and other devotional songs and also developed his interest in music for light and semi-classical songs, ghazals, etc.Diluar Chowdhury is an outstanding musician who has performed in different capacities in numerous shows and concerts while he has been an enlisted artist of Radio Bangladesh Sylhet, Bangladesh singing Nazrul songs, folk songs from Greater Sylhet district, modern songs, Ghazals etc. During his entire residence in California has performed on several occasions with Momtaz and Samina Chowdhury. He has been in close association with the founders of “Jalshaghar Entertainment” —a California based popular cultural organization of the Bangladeshi-American California residents which is also familiar to other members of the South-Asian communities, both on local and international levels. Diluar Chowdhury has also been in affiliation with other cultural organizations of California, such as Uttoron Los Angeles, Rythm International. Diluar Chowdhury is a song writer and a composer in his own right and has scored music for many songs in modern / devotional / ghazals / semi-classical categories. He recently has composed and arranged BUFLA song which has been officially approved by the Bangladesh Unity Federation of Los Angeles, BUFLA. Diluar Chowdhury’s easy malleability and genial character has made him a very popular personality. While his music fans and admirers sometimes get overwhelmed in greeting him, Diluar Chowdhury would simply like to term himself as a devoted musician led by his enthusiasm and inspiration, modestly desires to make a little footprint in the enormous world of Music.

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