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About Us:

Jalshaghar Entertainment is a relatively newer organization for the local Bangladeshi /Bengali community in California and in the US. We have been in the field of music for a while. We have organized several cultural events and we have participated in a number of cultural events, conducted by several other organizations of Bangladeshi-American California residents. There has been a number of reasons that compelled us to establish and run this organization, such as;

  • Limited activity among the Bangladeshi/Bengali community of California to reintroduce the members of the community of various elements of Bangladeshi/Bengali culture, mostly entertainment.
  • Limited interaction among the Bangladeshi/Bengali community with other members of South Asian community.
  • Limited support of the Bangladeshi/Bengali community's prominent figures to uplift the members of the community.
  • Classical music and dance is on the verge of extinction.
  • Little or no scope for the talented but little known artists (Vocalists and instrumentalists as well as dancers) to be introduced before the community.
  • Various obstacles the members of the Bangladeshi/Bengali community has come across while attempting to arrange any cultural events.

Jalshaghar Entertainment is not going to pledge to deal with these important issues alone. Jalshaghar Entertainment looks forward to work shoulder to shoulder with other organizations of Bangladeshi/Bengali community with similar objectives. Jalshaghar Entertainment was established by us as being members of the Bangladeshi/Bengali community with tremendous support of many other members of the Bangladeshi/Bengali community as well as many members of greater South-Asian community. Our website has attempted to provide as much as details possible about its founders. We have also provided means to reach us. We welcome any comments and suggestions. We'll encourage the visitors to direct any question about this website to the Webmaster. For any further inquiry, please visit our website at or for any information request, please call or e-mail us:

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 General Information:

Please click on the active Title Bars below to find out more about Jalshaghar organizational details.

California State:

  • Organizational Advisor: Dr. Mahbub Khan, San Jose, California, USA
  • Cultural Advisor: (To Be Announced Soon)
  • Public Relations Advisor: (To Be Announced Soon)
  • Media Advisor: (To Be Announced Soon)
  • Social Welfare Advisor: (To Be Announced Soon)
  • Classical Music Advisor: Shahnaj Bulbul

Other States:

  • Regional Advisor (Boston, MA): Mizan Chowdhury
  • Regional Advisor (Minneapolis, MN): Gazi Alhamduddin
  • Regional Advisor (Philadelphia, PA): Helal Uddin Bhuyan
  • Regional Advisor (Fairfax, VA): (To Be Announced Soon)
  • Regional Advisor (Miami, FL): (To Be Announced Soon)
  • Regional Advisor (Bronx, NY): Dr. AKM Quyyum, MD
  • Regional Advisor (German Town, MD): (To Be Announced Soon)

Other Countries:

  • Regional Advisor (Dhaka South, Bangladesh): Lt. Col. Mizanur Rahman
  • Regional Advisor (Dhaka North, Bangladesh): Advocate Zahurul Islam
  • Regional Advisor (Sydney, Australia): Dr. Zakir Moqbul
  • Regional Advisor (Toronto, Canada) Shahriar Mannan

Please send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
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